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How to drive in-store sales with beacon technology

Brands are just starting to scratch the surface when it comes to location-based technologies. Beacons have made headway in the world we live in. Retail brands like Macy’s, Target, American Eagle, to airlines like Virgin Atlantic and sports leagues like Major League Baseball stadium (MLB) have already used beacons for different location-based campaigns. Every year,…

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Maximize mobile engagement and conversions with time-based communication

Leveraging personalization to boost mobile user engagement is a task for every brand that wants to succeed on mobile. It’s all about reaching users in the right moment and providing them with relevant information that will benefit them in that moment. Timing is an important aspect of engaging users and keeping them interested. When you…

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Use personalization in your app marketing strategy

Personalization is vital if you as a company want to provide value and build a meaningful relationship with your users. Nowadays, brands and companies collect so much data about their users. They should use all the data at hand to better understand what users need and provide it at the right time. Personalized experience and…

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Optimize your content for mobile with Accelerated Mobile Pages

Since the introduction of the smartphone the mobile landscape has always been dominated by the competition between mobile apps and the mobile web. When it comes to user experience, mobile apps have greater capabilities and thereby a clear advantage. The mobile web is technologically limited by bandwidth and site performance but it is slowly catching…

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Paid user acquisition: Promote your app on Google AdWords

If you want to stay ahead of the competition in the saturated app landscape and maximize revenue, you need to exploit all the available channels for app promotion. The first step is to be aware of all the channels and understand how they work. There is no doubt that App Store Optimization is a key…

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Mobile Marketing Insights: How App Replacement Drives App Downloads

Apps are being downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play every day. If you are an app developer or a brand that has an app, your app is competing with the rest to be the chosen one by the user. Once your app is downloaded, it starts another battle – to be used…

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5 Ways to Engage, Connect and Convert with Mobile Coupons and Loyalty Programs

This guest blog post will give you insights into how you can use mobile coupons and loyalty programs in your mobile marketing strategy in order to boost user engagement, re-engagement and retention.

App Store Optimization: Incorporate the latest app store algorithm updates in your strategy

In our ASO series, we have already illustrated how important App Store Optimization (ASO) is for your app marketing strategy. Having said that, it is important to note that ASO is not a one-time effort. Doing ASO is a continuous process that involves keeping track of all the new updates to the Apple App Store…

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How to localize and internationalize your app

If done right, App Store Optimization (ASO) can do wonders for your app by boosting your organic user acquisition and bringing you a gazillion app downloads. One of the secrets to making sure that you get this much-coveted boost is app internationalization and localization. It’s not only about translating your app content into another language,…

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How to treat your mobile users like your date

When marketers and brands create strategies to acquire, engage and retain mobile users today, they need to remember that the focus is on the user. In order to create successful strategies, they need to understand users better so that they can meet their needs and keep them happy. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we have…

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