Guide: Mobile Ad Specifications

by Pavla Schlägerová

Need a quick but insightful overview of the most common mobile ad formats anno 2015, their functionalities and size requirements? Download our Mobile Ad Specifications Guide!

The mobile marketing industry is evolving rapidly as new technology and features are added to the existing portfolio each an every day. At one hand, the continous evolvement opens up thousands of new opportunities for marketers to reach and engage their core audiences. On the other hand, for a marketer who considers to implement mobile advertising as part of the overall marketing strategy it can also be hard to navigate in the endless landscape of tech features and options.

No matter if you are a mobile newbie or senior, we strive to make mobile advertising more tangible and scalable for your business.Therfore we have developed a Mobile Ad Specifications guide, which you can use to get quick  insights to:

  • The most popular and common ad formats to apply in 2015
  • The ad formats characteristics and functionalities
  • Sizes and requirements

A Leadmill, we support all the ad formats and features included in the guide below, allowing you to acquire, engage and retain your mobile audience based on your preferences and branding objectives.

Want to know more about, how Leadmill can help you reach and engage your customers through mobile advertising? Then let’s have an informal talk about, which solution would generate the most ROI to fulfill your objectives. Write us an email through or fill out the form below.

Download the Mobile Ad Specifications Guide
Mobile Ad Specifications

Posted on February 13, 2015 in Mobile Advertising Guides

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