Creating value for Publishers

Our mission is to help publishers grow revenue and demand for their inventory. We do this by increasing the ad messaging relevancy for the benefit of consumers, advertisers and publishers.

Our services (r)evolve around:

Yield Management

  • A technology-agnostic expert team building your advertising stack with industry leading ad formats.
  • Ensuring more brands to seamlessly compete for your in-app and web inventory.

Audience Targeting

  • Unique audience SDK allowing brands to easily target tailored audiences across you in-app and web inventory.
  • Enabling you to monetise your users both on your own inventory and outside.
  • Monetise your über premium audiences.

We work closely and transparent with publishers to help solve revenue bottle-necks and increase user monetisation.

Got a revenue growth challenge for us?

We’d love to hear from you. Call +45 36 946 374 or Drop us a message

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